Pet Wellness Plans Can Keep Your Pet —& Your Pocketbook Healthy & Happy

Pet Wellness

Carroll Veterinary Clinic and Foothills Pet Healthcare Clinic are committed to providing high quality veterinary care that can help your pet enjoy a lifetime of health and happiness. We’re equally committed to making your pet’s veterinary care convenient and affordable for you.

Our pet wellness plans for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, and senior cats and dogs include all the services and treatments your pet needs to stay healthy and improve well being during every stage of life. The prices of the services in these plans are discounted and broken down into monthly payments, allowing you to better plan and pay for your pet’s routine health care needs. Seeing you and your pets at regularly scheduled intervals allows us to get to know you and your pets better so that we can provide a level of personalized care you won’t find anywhere else.

two young labrador retrievers playing at the river shore

Puppy and Kitten Wellness Plans

To get your new puppy or kitten off on the right paw, our puppy and kitten wellness plans bundle all of the services needed to protect your pet’s health during the critical first 8 months of life, including:

  •   All vaccinations
  •   Intestinal worm and heartworm prevention
  •   Spay or neuter procedure
  •   Microchip identification and protection
  •   Behavior and training advice
  •   Regular veterinary examinations
  •   Unlimited physical exams for any health problems that arise during the terms of the plan

Adult Dog and Cat Wellness Plans

As your pet approaches one year of age, you can continue to provide him or her with quality, affordable preventive veterinary health care with our adult pet wellness plans. These plans include:

  •   Vaccinations
  •   Unlimited physical examinations for vaccinations, illnesses, accidents, and other health care issues
  •   Exams for illnesses or health conditions
  •   Toenail trims
  •   Anal gland care

Please note: Surgery (except for spay and neuter on puppy and kitten plans), lab work and diagnostic tests, hospitalization, and medication are not included in the wellness plans

Senior Pet Wellness Plans

Senior dogs and cats ages 8 years and above are at greater risk for many types of diseases and health conditions. In addition to all of the services provided in our adult dog and cat wellness plans, our geriatric plans also include comprehensive lab work and x-rays to help identify and treat common conditions early on. Our veterinarians are also highly experienced in treating conditions common in senior pets.