Safe, Friendly Dog & Cat Boarding for Your Pet’s Short-& Long-Term Boarding Needs

Carroll Veterinary Clinic provides full-service boarding facilities for dogs and cats. Our animal caretakers ensure that your pet remains well fed, clean, and comfortable during his or her stay with us. Every animal in our boarding care receives personal attention and plenty of interaction with our staff to help make your pet’s time away from home as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Our dog and cat boarding services include:

  •    Separate facilities for cat boarders with spacious cat condos
  •    Climate-controlled facilities
  •    Large indoor runs for dogs
  •    More than an acre of outdoor walking and exercise space
  •    Multiple walks each day
  •    Price discounts on long-term boarding (more than three weeks)
  •    Special care for diabetic pets, including daily insulin injections (nominal additional fee applies)
  •    Doggie and cat daycare services with discounted rates for regular clients
  •    Sunday afternoon discharges (between 5:00 pm and 5:30 pm) at our Hillsville location only

Boarding Requirements

The dog and cat boarding services at our animal clinics are available to all dogs and cats. Your pet does not need to be a patient of our practices to take advantage of these services. However, we do require all boarding pets to be current on vaccinations, and you will need to bring these records with you when you drop off your pet. If your pet requires vaccinations or other services, we can provide them at the time of admission.

For the safety of all pets, we also check all boarders for fleas and parasites before admitting them to our boarding facilities. If your pet does have a condition, we will provide treatment.

Making a Boarding Reservation

Please contact Carroll Veterinary Clinic to make a reservation for your pet. Keep in mind that we do fill up around holidays, so call early to reserve your spot.

For your convenience, you can schedule veterinary services for your pet while he or she is staying with us, including your pet’s annual check up, vaccinations, heartworm tests, and pet dentistry services. Because your pet is already staying with us, this option can save you time and money.