Treating Illnesses Through Medication & Customized Veterinary Care


Carroll Veterinary Clinic and Foothills Pet Healthcare Clinic are designed to provide a full scope of veterinary services and pet boarding services to accommodate dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, and pocket pets. Our newly constructed facilities feature comfortable and spacious surroundings, well-equipped in-house labs, radiology suites for diagnostic work, and full-service pet boarding facilities. The extensive medical and surgical experience of our four veterinarians and our compassionate, dedicated support staff are what truly set our practices apart from the rest. Every member of our team is determined to find the right solutions to meet the individual needs of each pet and owner.

We are proud to provide an exceptional quality of care and customized solutions for the pets in our area through a wide range of services, including:

Pet surgery

Our veterinarians are skilled in all types of pet surgeries as well as pre- and post-operative care. Our clinics provide overnight accommodations where pets can comfortably recover.

Cat and kitten care

We offer special care for the special needs of your feline companions.

Dog and puppy care

We speak dog! Our veterinarians understand puppies and dogs and the unique role these pets play in a family. We provide the highest quality care for a lifetime of happiness with your canine pets.

Internal medicine

Our veterinarians have extensive experience in diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases that commonly afflict pets. We have a special interest in older pets.

Pet skin care/dermatology

We maintain a unique focus on a wide range of pet skin care issues.

Pet wellness

We are proud to offer all of the preventive health care services your pet needs - including vaccinations and regular physical exams - in bundled packages that save you time and money.

Dog and cat boarding

Both animal hospitals are equipped to provide friendly, safe pet boarding for dogs and cats and pet daycare services.

Dog and cat grooming

Foothills Pet Healthcare Clinic offers professional grooming services. Contact us to make an appointment for your pet.

  Discounted spays and neuters

We believe in the importance of animal population control and in the health benefits of spaying and neutering. We strive to provide the highest quality, low-cost spays and neuters in our community. Our animal clinics also work with local humane societies to discount these services for animals adopted from the shelters.

  Reproduction services

We work with responsible breeders to provide kennel health consultations, litter exams and vaccinations, artificial insemination services including collection and transfer, scheduled ovulation and whelping, fertility exams, C-sections, OFA exams and radiographs, and litter marketing consultation. Discounts are available for multiple litters. Please contact us if you are a responsible breeder interested in additional information.

  Pet behavior and training services

We believe the pet owner is the best trainer for a pet and that our role is to help the owner understand normal behavior and assist in integrating pets into the household "pack." We encourage understanding and gentle redirection in all behavioral issues. Our puppy and kitten wellness programs focus heavily on behavior and we spend time during each visit discussing behavior concerns in all areas from house breaking to aggression. We also offer consultations for adult pets in areas such as separation anxiety, thunderstorm phobias, aggression toward other pets, house soiling, and geriatric behavior changes. We may recommend behavior-modifying drugs depending on your pet’s unique situation. It’s important to remember that many abnormal behaviors are related to underlying health issues. With a thorough physical exam and appropriate lab work, we can identify and manage physical illnesses that may manifest themselves in the form of undesirable behavior.

  Referral services

Being an experienced veterinarian means knowing when a pet’s situation could benefit from the unique skills of a specialist. While our veterinarians have extensive experience and the expertise to handle most medical, surgical, and emergency needs, we often recommend referrals to specialty animal clinics, such as Carolina Veterinary Specialists and area veterinary schools including Virginia Tech, North Carolina State, and the University of Tennessee. We maintain excellent relationships with these specialists to ensure that you and your pet receive the high quality care you expect and deserve.

Golden Retreiver Puppy

Comprehensive Patient Medical History Form

Prior to administering many services, we ask that you complete an updated pet history form. For your convenience, you may choose to download, print, and complete the PDF form and bring it with you to your next appointment.

Patient History Form