Wellness Care for Dogs

Quality Veterinary Care for Your Dog’s Whole Life

For most of us, our first exposure to animals is through a dog. Canine pets are important members of the family and they occupy a special place in each family member’s heart. At Carroll Veterinary Clinic and Foothills Pet Healthcare, all four of our veterinarians live with multiple dogs, many of which have been rescued. We understand dogs and how to provide them with a lifetime of quality care.

A dog’s life can be divided into three distinct parts: Puppyhood, Healthy Adulthood, and the Golden Years. Your dog will play a different role in your family as he or she ages. For the highest quality veterinary care, each phase of your pet’s life requires unique input from you and your family.


Yes, puppies are cute! But integrating them into your family is critical and requires commitment and adjustment on your part to ensure a good fit. Carroll Veterinary Clinic can help!

Vaccinations are another key component of your puppy’s good health. We give risk-based vaccinations in a series of visits scheduled three weeks apart.

At each puppy visit, we:

  •   Administer a broad spectrum dewormer
  •   Perform a complete physical exam
  •   Trim nails
  •   Provide heartworm prevention
  •   Discuss your concerns
  •   Provide a comprehensive written report on your puppy’s growth and health

Your puppy’s appointments are a great opportunity to address behavioral concerns and evaluate and celebrate the progress your puppy has made between visits. We can also help with nutritional advice and product recommendations to prevent or eliminate external parasites based on your individual needs.

Healthy Adulthood

This long period in your dog’s life lasts from nearly full-grown (8–18 months) until your dog begins to slow with age (8–12 years, depending on the breed). During your pet’s adult years, our goal is to enhance your enjoyment of your pet as a healthy, well-adjusted member of your family.

Adult dogs require less medical care and our primary concern is preventing illness and injury. The most common issues in healthy adult dogs are skin diseases, obesity, and athletic injuries. We have extensive experience helping patients and clients manage and recover from these illnesses.

We typically see adult dogs twice a year for:

  •   Fecal exam
  •   Heartworm test
  •   Comprehensive physical exam
  •   Provide heartworm prevention
  •   Appropriate vaccinations
  •   Counseling on the use of heartworm prevention and external and internal parasite control products, as needed

Senior Wellness For Dogs

Just like their owners, dogs can enjoy a long, productive life. However, all dogs ultimately begin to slow and falter with age. At Carroll Veterinary Clinic and Foothills Pet Healthcare, we lay the foundation for a long and healthy life in puppyhood, enhance it in adulthood, and promote the best possible quality of life in the senior years.

We offer senior pet care to specifically address the needs of senior pets. Our goal is to identify diseases as early as possible so conditions can be managed or minimized.